CSM Solutions, Inc. is the world’s largest provider of Battlefield Staff Rides (BSRs) for military groups.  For non-DOD government groups, corporate, and private groups, we provide a similar product in the form of Leadership Development Seminars (LDS).  BSRs emphasize military doctrine and leadership.  LDSs emphasize leadership lessons.  Our team (thru REEP, OSS, ABM, and CSM) has been the US military’s exclusive vendor in Europe since 1996.  Since then, we have conducted over 1270 of these training events in Europe, Hawaii, and North America.   Battlefield Staff Rides provide a unique method of conveying the lessons of the past to present-day leaders.  These programs bring to life, on the very terrain where historic encounters took place, applicable examples of leadership, tactics and operations, and, above all, the psychology of men and women in battle.  These historical studies offer valuable opportunities to develop professional leaders and build corporate teams.

Beyond the BSR and LDS programs, CSM also provides training and training support to our clients in the form of course development, instructor support, exercise support (including role player operations) and training support.

CSM has a General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule to allow our clients more options for the direct purchase of our Battle Staff Rides and leadership development programs. Our GSA Catalog may be found at: GSA eLibrary Contractor Information